There are many ways to visit a place, some to live it, only one to feel it; Entelequia, the most exclusive way to discover La Rioja.
A surprising proposal, a phisical and emotional journey to the heart of the land of wine par excelence.

Entelequia is a deep and emotional experience, which was born with an inalienable objective, to offer a small and select group of attendees the possibility to be part of an unforgettable event, through a format in which the permanent search for excellence becomes our leit motif.

Inmerse yourself  in the opulence of a majestic eighteenth century palace, reserved exclusively for your enjoyment and discover the most important wine museum in the world like never before. 

Stay in an eighteenth-century palace closed for the occasion, connect with nature and discover the most important wine museum in the world like never before.

All this, while you indulge in an exceptional culinary experience, paired with the best wines on earth and prepared by one of the most outstanding chefs in La Rioja, with two Michelin stars. A unique event, accompanied by a surprising scenic proposal, turns Entelequia into an unprecedented experience.

Hedonism in its purest form.

About us


Jesus is creative, dreamer and perfectionist. His multifaceted and restless personality translates into a permanent search for forms of expression, such as writing, one of his great passions. I am still very surprised by his enthusiasm and the ease he has to generate ideas. Although he has a major flaw, Jesús is an Atlético de Madrid supporter.

Juanjo Carrera

At the age of twenty-five he founded Wind Productions, a production company that achieved high levels of recognition and success that resulted in prizes and awards at the best advertising festivals in the world, such as the Cannes Film Festival, the F.I.A.P, the New York International Film Festival , the Clio awards, Latin Spots, the APCP awards, Club de Creativos awards, Épica awards, EFI awards… and a long etcetera. To his credit, more than six hundred campaigns shot in five continents for the most important national and international agencies and advertisers; Iberia, Orange, Nike, Telefonica, Adidas, Mapfre…
In parallel, for five years he developed executive functions in the association of advertising film producers. This fact would be decisive to strengthen their skills in negotiation and dialogue with professionals of a very diverse nature.



Juanjo is methodical, disciplined and curious. This last quality makes him the perfect explorer of territories to discover. That limitless boldness and the enthusiasm he dedicates to everything he initiates make him the best travel companion to share a project as exciting and passionate as Dingenio… Although he has a major flaw, Juanjo is a Real Madrid supporter.

Jesús Cabanas

He began his professional career working in the family business; Carrera y Carrera, which over time would become one of the most prestigious international jewellery brands. After this period of training and learning, he decided to start his personal project; J. E. & C. Carrera, also linked to the field of jewellery. Finally, his eagerness to find new professional challenges led him to Mexico, where he held the position of CEO of one of the most recognized fashion brands in the country; Pineda Covalin.
All this experience accumulated over more than twenty-five years makes him an expert in the luxury sector.

What we are

Dingenio is the result of long conversations. The sum of two personalities with complementary paths and strengths in the professional field, give shape to a company concept that aims to occupy a prominent seat in the sector of experience design and creation of corporate events.
Our goal is to provide companies and brands with a modern and up to date image. Offer the best possible hospitality and high-quality networking. Enable communication with an impact an exclusive and differentiating position and provide the sharing of enriching moments that favour the consolidation of personal relationships and team building. All this, keeping in mind the most current standards of sustainability, care for the environment and generation and support of circular economy.

What started as an idea became a project that is now becoming a reality.


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